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Cara Mendapatkan Pacar Again robbers lunkhead,, San Francisco, (more crowded in the sono ya .. it happened fairly new) Patrick Johnson, intending to rob a branch of Bank Welfare. Johnson gave a piece of checks marked "this robbery, put your money into my bag", to a teller at the bank they will be, but the teller said, "sorry sir, we can not cashing checks father, because it checks Bank of America, if you want to father replace the Welfare checks belonging to the Bank or the father of the Bank of America branch just pack ... ", Johnson replied .. "Oooo .. so .. ya had me there alone ..." Cara Mendapatkan Pacar not long before he was arrested while waiting in line at a branch office of Bank of America which is not far from there, after the teller then called the police earlier buru2 so Johnson walked away (even worse, turns out sheets of checks that had belonged to her personal use)
In Afro-American culture, this sleep disorder is called the devil riding your back ghost or ghosts are up someone's shoulder.In Chinese culture, called gui ya shen aka ghost disorders that suppress the body. In Mexican culture, known as el muerto subio me and believed to be the event that the spirits of the dead are attached to a person.In Cara Mendapatkan Pacar the culture of Cambodia, Laos and Thailand, called pee umm, referring to the incident where someone slept and dreamed spirits hold or detain that person's body to stay in their nature.
In the culture of Iceland, called the mara. This is the ancient language Island. That is a ghost who occupied someone's chest at night, trying to make him short of breath and suffocation.In cultures Tuki, called karabasan, believed to be a creature attacking people in times of sleep, pressing your chest and take a breath.In Japanese culture, is called kanashibari, which literally means binding so that means someone bound by spirits.In Cara Mendapatkan Pacar Vietnamese culture, called ma de a means controlled by Satan. Many Vietnamese people believe this disorder happens because the spirit pervades the body.In cultures of Hungary, called lidercnyomas and associated with the word supernatural Boszorkany (witch). The word itself means pressing Boszorkany that this incident interpreted as pressure exerted on one's spirits in his sleep.
In the culture of Malta, this sleep disorder is considered as an attack by Haddiela (wife Hares), the god who haunt the nation Malta possessed by the person. And to avoid the attack Haddiela, one must put the objects of silverware or a knife under the pillow while sleeping.In the culture of New Guinea, the phenomenon is called Suk Ninmyo. It is the sacred tree of life of the human spirit. This will take the sacred tree of the human spirit in the night Cara Mendapatkan Pacar so as not to disturb people during the day. However, often people whose spirits were eaten tree woke up and there was sleep paralysis.

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